Are sporting events becoming concerts

and team owners becoming promoters?

Think it can’t happen? Think too much of a good thing can’t spoil the experience   It looks like its happening now…here’s how it goes…if big is better then even bigger is best. So lets get big with the biggest stadium and the biggest HD board. the biggest parking lot and the biggest ticket price…. Biggest in the world. So big in fact that you feel swallowed up like a gnat in a vacumn cleaner… so much so that it distracts from the live experience. “Who cares cause we are the biggest”….But the fans say its better to stay home and watch it on HD with friends. Huh?  Dallas Cowboys today are actually having to send out emails to their season ticket holders asking them to show up and telling them how to cheer.  

I can hear this conversation now…Jerry Jones..”why the hell were the Bears fans louder than the Cowboy fans” Jerry Jones Jr ..”well pop..we have so much excitement going on that our fans could be confused” (like me)…then Steve Jones kicks in” No you knucklehead..those fans are from Chicago..and everybody knows that Chicago has been around alot longer than they’ve been doing it longer..” JJ Sr..”well I dont care what is wrong with them we need to fix it and fix it now” Get on that computer and send them all detailed instruction on how to cheer…I want it perfect and I want it it?” Got it? Got it Pop.   Problem solved.


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